Parents as Partners

We believe that parents and carers are a child’s first educator and therefore work closely to ensure they are involved in what we do with their child within the setting.

We deliver a programme of parent workshops (to promote co-educating with parents) covering topics such as; Phonics, Behaviour Management, Paedatric First Aid, Story Telling, Brain Development, Play, School Readiness, Physical Development, Schemas and Dad’s Forest School.

Parents can access their child’s online Learning Journal via the Famly App. Famly allows parents to read and comment on their child’s observations, photos and assessments. Parents also have the option to add their own observations and pictures from home, allowing two way communication between parents and the nursery.

As soon as you join the Charnwood Nursery & Pre-School Group, your child will be assigned a key person.  The role of the key person is to help you and your child feel safe and secure from the very beginning. The key person will build a trusting and professional attachment to your child to help them to respond to your childs individual needs to the best of their ability.  

At Charnwood Nursery & Preschool a key person’s responsibilities are more than ensuring the basic needs of your child are met.  We feel strongly about this commitment and from the moment that you are introduced the key person will make you feel that the setting is a safe place that you can trust.  The key person understands that we are your insight into your child’s world while they are away from you. We will share your child’s day with you, always communicate with you and help you to continue to support your child’s learning and development at home. 

The formation of healthy relationships within the setting is essential in enabling children’s well-being now and for their future success.

The Charnwood Nursery & Pre-school Group provides expert childcare in Thurmaston, Mountsorrel and Rothley.

We offer all inclusive childcare for all ages, from babies and toddlers, through to preschool.

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