Working with Families

Dedicated to Supporting Families

At CNPG we work in partnership with parents to benefit children and support families.

Home Visits: The first step at working in partnership with parents. We understand that starting nursery can be daunting for everyone involved, so with this in mind we want to do all we can to make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible for families and their children. 

The purpose of the visit is to help the child, family and practitioners to get to know more about each other in the home environment where the child usually feels most relaxed.  We hope to establish a partnership between parent/carers and staff where both parties share their knowledge and understanding of the child.

Intervention and Inclusion Specialist: Inclusive practice offers equal access to opportunities and support to all children.

Our Intervention and inclusion specialist provides dedicated support to children, families and staff across all of our settings.

Parent Workshops are offered throughout the year and include:

School Readiness


Paediatric First Aid

Solihull – ‘Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour’

The Charnwood Nursery & Pre-school Group provides expert childcare in Thurmaston, Mountsorrel and Rothley.

We offer all inclusive childcare for all ages, from babies and toddlers, through to preschool.

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